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“...terrific study guides on — easy to follow and sophisticated in content and approach!”

—Jeff Snyder
Instructional Technology Specialist, Arlington High School

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From Circe, Calypso & Ino
by Michelle K
Featured Study Guide
The Odyssey in PowerPoint — A 9th Grade English Project
By Elizabeth Craig-Olins, English Teacher, Newton North High School, Newton Public Schools, Newton, MA, 1999 ExL Greek Study Fellow

For all the budding producers in your classroom, this study guide has it all: oral storytelling, interpretive reading, study of the Odyssey, visual interpretation, research, writing, vocal interpretation, music appreciation, graphic design, fine art, and multimedia design and production. It's a fantastic and challenging 2-part project — one part writing assignment, one part visual assignment — that involves a variety of activities and learning experiences that take students from reading and studying the Odyssey, to researching and writing about mythological gods or characters, and culminates with students putting it all together in interactive educational PowerPoint presentations designed to teach others what they've learned. Check it out.

Study Guides
You may use any of these study guides in your classroom, FREE of charge but you may not claim them as your own work or copy and distribute them. Where appropriate, please acknowledge the source as: "Used with permission from The Examined Life: Greek Studies in the Schools,"

Study Guides in Development
If you are interested in any of the following curriculum projects and would like to get an advance copy, or contact the teacher who developed it, please email Connie Carven, Teacher Specialist and Liaison with School Districts, or call her at 781-405-6094.

  • Greek Studies in Elementary Art Rooms: Fables, Figurines, Theater Masks, Architecture
    Mary Coughlan, Waltham Public Schools, MA
  • “Sing in me, Muse”: Homer’s Odyssey: A Book Group Model
    Bonnie Sue Carton, Brookline Public Schools, MA
  • Early Greece Resources CD
    Chuck Bunting, Newton Public Schools, MA
  • Introducing Olympian Gods and Goddesses: An Integrated Study
    Connie Carven, Newton Public Schools, MA
  • Mythology Project
    Geri Belle, Brookline Public Schools, MA
  • Socrates: The Movie
    David Moore, Newton Public Schools, MA
  • Impact of Greek Studies Program
    Haley Blackow, The Pike School, Andover, MA
  • A God in the Pocket: Creating an Original and Fun Book
    Steven Rae, Brookline Public Schools
  • The Theater As Social and Moral Commentary
    Cleo Syph, Newton Public Schools
  • Ancient Greek History Coordinated with later Historical Periods
    Donna J. Fairbank, Waltham Public Schools
  • The Greek Labs: Effect of Acid Rain on Marble, and Other Exercises
    Richard T. McKnight, Waltham Public Schools
  • Roman Corinth: Daily Life in a Roman City in Greece
    Barbara Scotto, Brookline Public Schools
  • Ancient Greece: A Power Point Presentation
    Richard Ballou and Patricia Peck, Newton Public Schools
  • The Further Adventures of Megalopolis Man: Making a Comic Book
    John Hacker Waltham Public Schools, Cleo Syph and Jennifer Landers, Newton Public Schools
  • Greek Studies: A Partnership Model Between Public and Charter Schools
    Catherine C.O’Flaherty, South Boston Harbor
    Sonya McKnight, Waltham, Public Schools
  • Teaching the Odyssey,
    Sondra M. Hamilton, Wellesley Public Schools
  • Apollo’s Point of View: The Study of Greece Through Music
    Gina DePaoli, Waltham Public Schools
  • The Development of the Greek Temple
    Jack O’Keefe, Newton Public Schools
  • Greek Vases: A Fourth Grade Art Curriculum
    Ronnie Haarmann, Pike School, Andover
  • The Olympic Games in Antiquity
    Nancy Conviser and Kim LeQuire
  • Greek Gods and Goddesses: Trading Cards
    Sandra A. Gardner, Waltham Public Schools
  • Making the Odyssey Accessible To All
    Diane Campbell, Suzanne Chmielinski, Susan Hirsh, Wellesley Public Schools
  • A Greek Decathlon
    Jeanne Penrod, Waltham Public Schools
  • Children’s Literature and Greek Mythology
    Christine Gately, Waltham Public Schools
  • Greek Tragedy, “The Spirt of Inquiry Meets the Spirit of Poetry and Tragedy is Born”
    Ronna Frick, Wellesley Public Schools
  • The Olympics in Ancient Greece
    Maureen Devlin, Brookline Public Schools
  • The Spartans: A Second Look
    Debbie D’Amico, Brookline Public Schools
  • Playing with Homer: A Playwriting Activity Based on Books 9-12 of the Odyssey
    Annice Kra and Kathe Langberg, Newton Public Schools
  • Architecture
    Eleanor Demott, Brookline Public Schools
  • The Olympic Games in Antiquity
    Nancy Conviser, Brookline Public Schools, and Kim LeQuire, Newton Public Schools
  • A Site of Sites: An Online Resource of Greek Archaeological Sites
    Emil Penarubia
  • The Trojan War: Images in Art
    Jennifer Piccioli, Newton Public Schools
  • A Feast of Books
    Barbara Scotto, Brookline Public Schools, and Cathy O’Flaherty, Boston Public Schools
  • Greek Mythological Creatures and Art
    Lauryl Anne Jacobs
  • Learning About Ancient Greece: A Greek Festival for Primary Students
    Johanna Roses
  • Greek Revival Architecture in Nineteenth Century America: Using Architecture to RedefineLife and Death in the City
    Richard Goldberg
  • Journey, the Second Grade Odyssey
    Eris Doorneweerd and Lilia Levitina, Brookline Public Schools
  • What Is So Great about Alexander the Great?
    Michele Karol and David Nichols, Wellesley Public Schools
  • Using Technology to Support Teachers to Integrate Greek Studies: Connecting Greek and U.S. Democracy
    Heather Hurley
  • It’s Greek to Me
    Karen Kosko, Cambridge Public Schools
  • Discover the Greeks,
    Kathy May, Waltham Public Schools
  • The Examined Life: Excerpts from Three Plays to Illustrate Theories of Freud, Erikson and Kohlberg,
    Elizabeth Collins, Waltham Public Schools
  • Biological and Chemical Warfare in Ancient Greece: What Would You Do?
    Priscilla Leach, Wellesley Public Schools
  • Mining the Myths
    Joan Hamilton and Cheryl Klausner, Brookline Public Schools
  • Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Heroines
    David Lawton, The Park School, Brookline Public Schools
  • Ancient Greek Sanctuaries: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Ancient Greece
    Danielle Conway, Phyllis Kalowski, Marjorie Berger, Jane Flynn, Cambridge Public Schools
  • Producing and Ancient Greek Play
    Michael Roth, Brookline Public Schools
  • Interpreting Greek Mythology in Roman Epic
    Madelyn Gonnerman, Brookline Public Schools
  • Making Mythology Come to Life
    Rachel Kramer, Cindy Marchand, Barbara Laites-Collins, Newton Public Schools
  • Physics Applied to Classical and Modern Architecture
    Paul Martenis, Newton Public Schools
  • The Logic and Rhetoric of Exposition
    Carol Mellett and Molly Murphy, Brookline, MA
  • Interactive Video Lectures from Greece!
    Ted Wells, The Park School, Brookline
  • International Kid Connection
    Jonathan Rabinowitz, Wellesley Public Schools
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