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The Roots of Democracy

Classroom Resources
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The Battle of Marathon
What's the Story?
10 mins. ExL guest lecturer Loren J. Samons, Professor of Classical Studies, Boston University, chronicles the Battle of Marathon, fought over 2000 years ago in 490 BC between Greeks and Persians — a battle that changed the course of history. In addition, Samons also describes how the legend of Pheidippides, the runner who purportedly ran from Marathon to Athens with news of the Athenian victory, contributed to the birth of the race we know as the marathon. This is a great video clip to share with students!

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The Odyssey/­­"Hero's Journey"
Curriculum Presentation
15 mins. ExL Fellow Lilly O'Flaherty presents a Unit Plan she created for her students. Lilly is a tenth grade English Language Arts teacher at The English High School in Jamaica Plain, MA. She is in her fifth year in the Boston Public Schools and has taught in a variety of settings, including a school dedicated to serving recent newcomers to the United States.

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